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The people that are in the hellowater® community come from all walks of life. We have busy parents, gym goers, working professionals and everyone else in between. One of the best parts of being in this community is getting to hear first hand how hellowater® has radically changed the lives of the people within it – we love it! Take Sally for instance, who lost 30 pounds, lowered her blood pressure and improved her blood pressure levels all by adopting better diet and lifestyle habits with hellowater®.

We all have different areas of our lives that are important to us. For some it’s career, health, family or all three. However, we all have the same 24 hours in a day. We get to choose how we use that time. What products or services do we incorporate into our day and how we live our lives. Our team realizes we are all real people with real lives and real problems to solve. However, how can we help each other if we don’t share with one another?

We love witnessing the world through their community’s eyes. We also enjoy seeing how our community uses hellowater® to solve some of their real life problems. We sat down with Simone Luke to take a closer look at “a day in the life of.” See how Simone spends her time. Find out how Simone incorporates hellowater® into her daily lifestyle. Above all, learn how hellowater® has helped improve her happiness and health.

Fiber Infused Water

Simone was first introduced to hellowater® in 2018 and immediately liked the fact that it was a flavored water. “I instantly fell in love with the flavor profiles and would order them from time to time.” Shortly thereafter, Simone reached a milestone birthday and turned 50. Although this was cause for celebration. Simone says, “Along with age comes change. The same things we used to [enjoy] now impact us differently including the foods we eat.”

With this big birthday and subsequent life changes, Simone found the need for increased fiber in her diet without any added carbohydrates or sugars. An easy way to do this was combining fiber and water. This is when Simone realized hellowater® would be the perfect solution to finding ways to easily enjoy more fiber during the day.

Adding Fiber to Your Diet with Flavored Water

Simone works as a VP of Sales, which keeps her pretty busy. She is also married and likes to enjoy time with her partner. That leaves the question, how does Simone spend her time and how does she find ways to stay hydrated with fiber water? Here’s how Simone fits hellowater® into her day.

A Day in the Life of Simone

Simone likes to start her day early where she heads outside to her front porch to greet the day. As the sun slowly begins to rise over the horizon, Simone sips a big cup of coffee.

By 7:30am, Simone reaches for her first bottle of hellowater®. 

“I start my first bottle of hellowater® when I take my daily vitamins. I usually finish it with my breakfast after I’ve taken a two mile morning walk.”

Speaking of breakfast, Simone recommends skipping the sugar laden OJ. She says, “Orange Mango is a great substitute for traditional orange juice in the morning. Plus, it doesn’t have as many calories as the calories found in juice.”

After some morning movement and breakfast, Simone heads into morning meetings and Zoom calls. By 10am it’s time for a protein shake.

Once Simone has enjoyed her morning protein shake, she catches up on emails and touches base with clients. 

Around 12:30pm, Simone is on to her second bottle of hellowater®. 

“I drink half a bottle of hellowater® approximately 30 minutes before lunch. This actually makes me feel more full and I tend to eat less at lunch.”

After lunch it’s back to work with weekly meetings and team planning. By 3pm, Simone finds creative ways to fight the late afternoon slump by getting a caffeine kick or enjoying a handful of nuts for a quick snack. “I will also head outside for a fill of sunshine and some Vitamin D before heading inside for my West Coast region calls.”

By 5:30-6pm the work day is wrapping up meaning it’s time for happy hour. 

“Hellowater® Cucumber-Lime or Pineapple-Coconut both make great mixers for cocktails.” Plus, it has fewer calories than traditional mixers. 

Cheers to that!

Here are two of Simone’s favorite cocktail recipes she likes to enjoy after a long work day:

Cucumber-Lime Cocktail
*Under 100 calories

  • 1.5 oz. Gin or vodka
  • Muddled cucumber
  • 4.5 oz. hellowater® Cucumber-Lime 
  • Splash of soda water

Another delicious, low calorie happy hour pleaser Simone likes to sip on is this Pineapple-Coconut Cocktail.

Pineapple-Coconut Cocktail

  • 1.5 oz. of Rum
  • 4.5 oz. hellowater® Pineapple-Coconut 
  • Splash of pineapple juice or coconut cream

“These cocktails also fill me up and help suppress my appetite so I don’t overeat at dinner, adds Simone.After dinner, Simone takes a leisurely bike ride to end her day with a gulp of fresh air and some light movement before she heads to bed to do it all again tomorrow. What a day!

Although our days may all look a little different, we can continue to inspire one another by sharing our homemade recipessuccess stories and tips that help us and our families live happier and healthier lives.  

We are so glad to be a part of this hellowater® community and we are happy you are here with us!

Has hellowater® changed your life for the better? How do you incorporate it into your day? Tell us! Head over to @drinkhellowater and let’s connect!

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