About us

The origin of hellowater®

We created hellowater® with the mission to provide a suite of healthy hydration beverages. We researched the nutritional beverage marketplace and found very few companies doing this. We then focused on three core areas: gut health, pH balance and immunity.

Our mission is to inspire and educate while providing a full suite of better for you water-focused beverages. We support the fight against obesity and lifestyle disease. We bolster gut health. We love balance. We stand against toxins.

Water that works

hellowater®, Hello Wellness

Our goal is simple. Make wellness easier. Make eating less junk food easier. Make staying hydrated easier. Make it as easy as drinking a bottle of water that’s bursting with fruity flavor.

We’re not like other flavored waters out there. We don’t pretend to be good for you but then pack our product with questionable sweeteners and ingredients. We are good for you. We love natural ingredients, and that’s what you’ll find inside hellowater® products.

We want to make wellness easy for you. You don’t have to splash out! We created a wellness product that’s affordable, fun, tasty, and most of all, it just works. It works, and it’s suitable for everybody!

The idea was simple

We need to do three things; replace sugary sodas and juices, curb the appetite, and hydrate the body. And that’s what we achieved with hellowater®. We knew that fiber was a natural way to reduce even the biggest appetites and that most people don’t get enough of it in their diets. We used fiber in combination with natural flavoring and sweeteners to create the perfect drink. We then added an Alkaline beverage to help keep the bodies pH level in balance. But wait…there’s more. We are now adding a hellowater® defense, an immunity beverage (patented) that helps defend the body from toxin invasion and helps remove toxins already built up.

But We’ve Decided to Take it a Step Further

We don’t just want to sell you water. We want to inspire you.

Our branding is fun and inspirational because we want it to spread good vibes. Every time you take a sip of hellowater®, we want you to feel good, grateful and inspired. We want you to live, laugh, and dance, to be reminded of the beautiful moments in life that matter the most. Whether you pass hellowater® in a supermarket aisle or get it delivered to your doorstep, we want you to smile and feel the joy. As we launch our Immunity line, you will love the great flavors and feel good knowing you are doing something to help yourself fight the environmental toxins all around you.

Beyond Hydration

Yes, we have an amazing product that’s simple, honest, and effective. But this is more than just flavored water. hellowater® was born with a bigger purpose. To help you change your life for the better. To help you become a little healthier. A little happier. A little better.

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