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hellowater - Xfinity series race car

hellowater® Reunites with Justin Allgaier and JRM in 2022

We are thrilled to announce our renewed partnership with JR Motorsports, Justin Allgaier and the JRM No. 7 team for the 2022 NASCAR Xfinity Series season. JR Motorsports today announced that hellowater® will make its return to the No. 7 team with Justin Allgaier and JRM for two upcoming races during the 2022 NASCAR Xfinity Series season.

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hydration for kids - hellowater

Hydration for Kids: How To Help Your Family Drink More Water

A proliferation of beverages on the market can make hydration for kids more confusing than it needs to be. At the same time, rethinking your approach to hydration can give you the opportunity to boost the overall health of your family. Studies have shown that drinking enough water is one of the keys to good

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hellowater - functional beverage

Functional Beverages: What They Are and How They Promote Well-Being

Though some beverages are fortified with vitamins and contain excellent nutritional properties, many of these drinks are not formulated to treat a specific issue such as dehydration or gut health. Functional beverage creators aim to fill this gap.  Functional beverages address the issues in the modern adult’s notoriously busy day. Learn more below about functional

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Joe DeFranco - Anti-Aging

3 Anti Aging Hacks That Everyone Should Know From Joe DeFranco

Tom Bushkie CEO/Co-Founder of hellowater® talks with Joe DeFranco, one of the country’s most highly sought-after performance enhancement specialists. This clip is one of an hour-long interview where Tom and Joe discussed the topics of weight loss, nutrition, cardio, aging. As well as his introduction to hellowater®. In this episode, Tom and Joe discuss:  Joe

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