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Hydration for Kids: How To Help Your Family Drink More Water

hydration for kids - hellowater

A proliferation of beverages on the market can make hydration for kids more confusing than it needs to be. At the same time, rethinking your approach to hydration can give you the opportunity to boost the overall health of your family.

Studies have shown that drinking enough water is one of the keys to good health in both adults and children, so including more water in your daily diet can be a great way to improve overall wellness and quality of life. While it may seem difficult to choose between so many beverage options, there are several simple things to keep in mind that will help you keep you and your kids hydrated without breaking the bank or compromising on health benefits.

Be Creative With Hydration for Kids

Water is the most important part of hydration, but it doesn’t have to be the only part. While increasing the amount of water your kids drink is a great place to start, consider alternatives that can help you reach your hydration goals. Here are four tips for creative hydration:

1. Include a Variety of Beverages

Adding tasty and healthy beverages to your children’s diet can go a long way toward keeping them hydrated and happy. Check out hellowater®’’s variety of simple but delicious flavors that will keep your children reaching for something healthy to drink as an alternative to sugary juices and sodas. Great flavor doesn’t have to mean lots of sugar! 

2. Provide Foods High in Water

In addition to increasing the amount of liquid your children consume, remember that diet can do some of the work of providing hydration for kids. The good news is that the foods that are highest in water also tend to be quite healthy and tasty. Some examples include watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumbers, and celery. Incorporating fruits and vegetables that contain high amounts of water into your meals and desserts are an excellent way to sneak in some extra hydration.

3. Simplify Hydration for Kids

There is no shortage of beverages that claim to offer you any number of benefits. However, keeping it simple is important, especially when shopping for your children. A short ingredient list containing natural, recognizable components is key. You shouldn’t need to spend hours researching the ingredients in your beverages before buying them. Drinks containing mostly water with a few key add-ons are your best bet.

4. Add Benefits to Your Beverages

If you are going to make the effort to keep your family hydrated, you may as well pack as many benefits as possible into your beverages. From gut health to immune system strength to pH balance, you might be surprised what water-based drinks can offer you in terms of health benefits without sacrificing variety or flavor. Here are some examples of how healthy beverages can supercharge your wellness. With these tips in mind, hydration for kids is more simple than ever. If you are looking for a place to start, check out some of the delicious, natural, and affordable products hellowater® has to offer.

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