hellowater® is naturally-sweetened, fiber-infused, flavored water that hydrates with zero-net carbs, no preservatives and only 10 calories. hellowater® is available in many flavor combinations such as: Lemon Lime, Orange Mango, Cucumber Lime, Mixed Berry, Black Cherry, Grape, Pineapple Coconut

Yes, hellowater®  bottles are BPA free. the materials from which our bottles and caps are made (primarily PET and HDPE) are soft plastics that are easily molded without the addition of chemical plasticizers such as BPA.

BPA, a chemical plasticizer, is added to the lining of almost all food and beverage cans in use in the United States and to the lining of certain metal closures, none of which are used for our products.

hellowater® has never sold products in cans because of the industry’s refusal to produce BPA-free cans in the United States. we hope to offer a canned product in the future, once we are able to source a can that is lined with material not produced with BPA.

In communities that combine bottle deposits with strong curbside recycling programs, 70% of PET bottles are recycled. hellowater® supports improvements in bottle deposit laws and recycling services and believes the system used in California should be adopted throughout the country. we also continue to explore alternative packaging and product formats

At this time we only sell hellowater® water in our signature 16 oz bottles.  There are also our kids hellowater® bottles which are 8 oz each.  We are looking into developing a range of bottle sizes.

hellowater®  is increasingly available at many retailers across the country and online. please refer to our store locator at hellowater® locations to find hellohellowater® water near you!

No. Our products are from US sources, where fair trade agreements are largely irrelevant. The idea behind fair trade is that poor farmers in other countries are working at or below subsistence levels because of their lack of negotiating power. generally, this is not the case with US farmers, who not only get a fair price but also get government subsidies in many cases.

No! hellowater® is fiber-infused water sweetened with stevia, a natural sweetener. our products taste great without the strange taste of diet sweeteners. the resulting experience is clean, simple and far more refreshing than any diet beverage.

If you have serious allergies, you should consult with your doctor about what products are safe for you to consume. here are some things for you and your doctor to consider regarding hellowater®:

  1. hellowater® does not use any “class 1” allergens (such as soy, peanuts, nuts, shellfish) and our bottlers follow good manufacturing practices to avoid cross contamination with these ingredients.
  2. hellowater® is about 99% water.
  3. some individuals have less common allergies (for example natural sweeteners or soluble fiber). unfortunately, we cannot assure you that our products will not contain traces of those particular ingredients, because manufacturers (ours and others we have interviewed) don’t follow the same precautions with respect to general ingredients as they do with respect to class 1 allergens. 

Occasionally, a consumer who is highly allergic to many things will request to know our exact flavor recipe. if this is your situation, you might find it frustrating that we (like many other beverage makers) cannot reveal every detail. bear in mind however, that this information would not be particularly useful to you, because even if we don’t directly use the particular ingredient to which you are allergic, it is possible that our bottler does use that ingredient in other products produced on the same equipment.

Yes! we also do not use dairy, soy, animal products, nuts, peanuts, preservatives or MSG! We are also proud that hellowater® is made in the USA. 🙂

Yes. hellowater® has NO sugar at all. we also do not contain sodium, and low calories from fiber.  each bottle is 99% water, so it is well-suited for diabetics.

Yes! hellowater® is a great beverage choice for kids and for the whole family. we’ve also created hellowater® kids using the same exact recipe as hellowater®, just in kid-friendly packaging.

Purification systems vary depending on the type of water available at our bottlers. techniques can include reverse-osmosis, de-ionization and ultra-violet purification before adding flavors. as a final step, hellowater® is pasteurized. the water is purified to the same hellowater® standards prior to addition of our flavors, so that the finished product has the same great taste and quality no matter where you find it. 

Everything we use in hellowater® is natural. we don’t use artificial flavors, preservatives, gluten, animal products or MSG. ingredients are listed as “natural flavors” for example, in order to get the desired flavor profile, grape may contain citrus flavors in addition to grape flavor. in that case, citrus would be also be considered a “natural flavor.”

The pH of hellowater® is between 3.5 and 4, which is at least 10 times LESS acidic than a typical soda. many people who ask us about pH have been told that they should only drink pH 7 or higher beverages. this is not the case. the acidity of hellowater® is insignificant relative to the acidity found in the stomach, for example, and will have no impact on the pH of your body.

Unlike sports drinks and sodas, hellowater® pH is easily neutralized because it does not have a strong buffer system. the buffers in many “sports” drinks can significantly delay the mouth’s ability to eliminate excess acidity on dental surfaces.

hellowater® uses fully recyclable PET bottles.

We continue to investigate alternative packaging materials and bottling processes. however, we have found that the plant-based materials that we have considered require a lot of energy to produce and some are not recyclable. some of these materials are also susceptible to heat damage and therefore are often shipped in refrigerated trucks, which use additional fossil fuel, in order to minimize damage to the bottles. as these materials improve and their safety is established, we will consider switching materials.

Our top priorities, with respect to packaging choices, are and will remain (1) providing the safest possible packaging that is suitable for our product and customers and (2) minimizing our impact on the environment.

We bottle in several locations across the US. No matter where your bottle of hellowater® was produced, you can rest assured that it will deliver the great taste experience you expect from hellowater.

hellowater® does not sell drops or flavor concentrates because the great taste of hellowater® is highly dependent on the quality of the water to which the flavor is added.  We purify our water before bottling so that there are no trace minerals or other substances that could affect the great fruit flavors of hellowater®.  If our flavors were added to tap, spring or artisan water they would not taste nearly as clean, refreshing and terrific!

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