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Our team at hellowater® believes life is all about choices and this month, we wanted to share one of our amazing customer stories from a woman named Sally Yahingo who made a simple choice to talk to a random stranger out on a dance floor in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Little did she know, this choice would forever change her life leading to an unexpected health and wellness journey she never even expected.
When hellowater® Met Sally

Sally first met Tom Bushkie, hellowater® CEO and Co-Founder, when she was out with her friends for a night of frivolity and fun. As Sally and her friends were taking a break from dancing the night away, Sally noticed a gentleman across the dance floor who knew how to seriously bust a move. Sally and her friends were impressed and so Sally told her friends she was going to go over and talk to this gentleman. Her friends thought she was crazy, but Sally made the choice to follow her gut and do it anyways. She strolled across the dance floor over to Tom and sparked up a casual conversation about his dance moves.

Shortly thereafter, Sally and Tom ran into each other again while out for a concert and they got to talking again. Their conversation soon switched to the area of health and wellness, that’s when Sally shared with Tom how she wanted to start exercising and Tom recommended she work on weight lifting. Besides making some general fitness recommendations, Tom also suggested Sally swap out her traditional bottled water for fiber infused water by drinking hellowater®.

Fiber Infused WaterSally took Tom’s advice and the next time she went grocery shopping, she picked up a case of hellowater®. Looking back now, Sally says swapping her basic bottled water to fruit flavored hellowater® was a simple switch to make. “The more I drank it, the better I felt than when I drank normal bottled water,” says Sally. 

One of the first areas Sally noticed a difference was in her appetite. After drinking a bottle of hellowater®, Sally wasn’t hungry. She says, “I could go out to a restaurant and not even want to eat any of the food because I just wasn’t hungry.” Besides keeping Sally satiated during the day and in between meals, Sally noticed how hellowater® helped with her night time cravings.

Often, she would wake up in the middle of the night and find herself hungry, but by drinking a few sips of hellowater® before bed every night, Sally no longer woke up in the middle of the night ravenous with food cravings. “I drink it every night and keep it by my bedside. It holds me over until morning and sometimes I am not even hungry for breakfast.”

Benefits of Drinking hellowater®As Sally began drinking hellowater® more, she noticed a difference in more than just her appetite and cravings. “[It] benefits so many areas of my life,” she says.

Before drinking hellowater®, Sally weighed 228 pounds, had an A1C level of 6.9 and was managing high blood pressure, around 123. Now, after drinking hellowater® and incorporating other lifestyle changes (i.e. exercise, intermittent fasting, jogging), at the age of 54, Sally is happy to report she is down 30 pounds, has lowered her A1C to 5.4 and she has also lowered her blood pressure, which now at a healthy 109/80. Her primary care physician no longer considers Sally a diabetic and Sally has even noticed less swelling in her feet and less overall inflammation in her body.

Two years later, Sally and Tom still remain close friends. Tom checks in on Sally and her health journey and continues to encourage and motivate her to keep making positive changes in her life because that is truly what the hellowater® community is all about.

To this day, Sally still starts her day with one full bottle of hellowater® and incorporates it all day every day. Before meals, between meals and after meals. “I don’t have a favorite flavor, I will just randomly select one, but as long as I know I am drinking hellowater®, I know I am getting all of the benefits each bottle has to offer.” 

Sally continues, “I am even sharing it with my family and fellow members at my community church. When I see people at the store struggling to select a bottled water brand, I always recommend hellowater®. It can really help out people and change all areas of their lives for the better.”

We love hearing from our community about how hellowater® has changed your lives for the better and if you have had an amazing hellowater® experience, like Sally, and want to share your story with us and the community, please connect with us @drinkhellowater

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