Justin Allgaier Partners with hellowater®

Justin Allgaier Partners with hellowater®

As spring transitions into summer, things are starting to heat up, including the NASCAR racing season. This year, our team at hellowater® is super stoked to be partnering with JR Motorsports, Justin Allgaier and the JRM No. 7 team for the 2021 NASCAR Xfinity Series season.

When asked about this latest partnership, Rusty Jones, co-founder, and Chief Strategy Officer of Hello Beverages said, “We are beyond excited for the opportunity to partner with JR Motorsports to bring hellowater® to the world of NASCAR. Hydration is key for peak performance and Justin (Allgaier) and the No. 7 team will have hellowater® products stocked throughout the season fueling their quest for a championship.”

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Allgaier as he gears up for the summer stretch of the race season. We learned more about Allgaier and how he sets himself up for peak performance on race day.

Health and Wellness with hellowater®

Whether he’s preparing for a race weekend or driving into race day (literally), Allgaier knows the importance of practicing proper health and wellness in his everyday life. When asked, “How important is nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle to you?” Allgaier shared how these two factors are critical to his life both on and off the racetrack.

“For me, especially with the racing side of things, it’s important to make sure I stay on my A-game and be physically and mentally sharp each and every weekend when we go to the race track. Eating healthy and being healthy is obviously a big part of it.”

Allgaier further explains the importance of health and wellness, especially on race day. “You know, we are in those race cars for two, three, four hours at a time. Those temperatures are extremely high. It’s not uncommon for us to get into the 130s-140s inside the cockpit of our race cars, temperature-wise. What that does to your body, heart rate, muscular system, and your mental psyche are really incredible. I don’t think people really understand that until they’ve been put in those situations and have had to feel those temperatures and the physical stress that is on the body in those moments when we are out there on the race track. This is why staying healthy and being ready, being fit, being ready to go, is only going to help that.”

By walking into race day at his best physically and mentally, Allgaier says everything else is improved. “Your reaction time, your mental ability to make decisions on the fly, just being able to physically hold on to the steering wheel when these races are over is super important. We know that when it comes down to the end of these races, whether that be a green-white-checkered or maybe the last fuel run, being on your A-game is such an important piece of finishing these races, but also, winning these races and for me, [practicing nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle] has been a big part of it.”

How Justin Allgaier Maintains Balance and Focus Through Healthy Habits

Although showing up for race day at his best, physically, is incredibly important for Allgaier, so is maintaining balance and focus. He says, “You know, I think when you look at physical ability, and someone that is extremely strong or somebody that has great attributes, sometimes, we forget that a lot of that is the mental side as well.” He continues, “I think when you are mentally strong, you are able to work harder. You’re able to push through boundaries that, when you are not mentally strong, it’s harder to get through those moments. For me, the mental health side of things has always been a big part of it.”

When asked “What are some things that have helped you maintain your focus and balance?” Allgaier elaborates. “You know, number one, I think family is a big key for me to really separate and stay on, and really, the mental health side of it. Also, what you’re putting in your body, what you’re eating, how much you’re sleeping, all of those things go directly into what we are doing on the racetrack. It sounds crazy, but all of the pieces of the puzzle have to be fit together, mental, physical, and emotional, to be able to go out on that racetrack and compete at a high level each and every given week. For me, [maintaining focus and balance] has been a big part of it. That’s what’s helped with my success, but also what’s kept me in this sport for so long.”

Which hellowater® is Justin Allgaier’s Favorite?

When sitting down with Allgaier, we couldn’t help but ask one of the most important questions of them all, “What is your favorite hellowater® product?” (Come on, you know we are all wondering and want to know so we can stock up!)

First off, “I love the taste of hellowater® and the added benefit of fiber just adds to my daily nutrition.” When it comes to flavor, Allgaier added, “for me, my favorite flavor of hellowater® originally was the VIBE, Black Cherry, the original flavor, but now that the defense line has come out, the hellowater® Defense Cherry Lime, for me is kind of the new go-to.” (Us too Justin, us too.).

He continues, “I think it’s a great product number one, but making sure I’m hydrated, making sure I have all of the tools I need in the car, but also out of the car is really important, I think the new defense line is definitely the key to that success. hellowater® Defense gives me peace of mind that my body is being defended, especially with the patented toxin defense technology in CYTO +™. It’s definitely a game-changer.”

Gentleman, Start Your Engines!

It may only be June, but mark your calendars for the NASCAR Xfinity Series events on Saturday, July 10th at Atlanta Motor Speedway and Saturday, August 7th at Watkins Glen International. During these two races, hellowater® will serve as the primary partner for Allgaier and the No. 7 Camaro for JRM.

“I’m really looking forward to having hellowater® as a partner for the 2021 season,” said Allgaier. “I was hooked the first time I tried their line of fiber-infused, prebiotic water last year and can’t wait to have their colors on our Chevrolet at Atlanta and Watkins Glen. I’ve gotten a preview of the paint scheme and it looks fast. Hopefully, we get the opportunity to celebrate with hellowater® in Victory Lane.”

Our team at hellowater® cannot wait to cheer on Allgaier as he looks to add another victory to his record. Good luck this season Justin! We will see you out on the race track.


JR Motorsports is the racing operation co-owned by NASCAR Hall of Fame member and 15-time Most Popular Driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kelley Earnhardt Miller and NASCAR Hall of Famer Rick Hendrick. Now in its 20th year of overall competition, JR Motorsports competes in multiple divisions, including the NASCAR Xfinity Series where it currently fields four full-time teams and earned championships in 2014, 2017 and 2018. The company also races in Late Model competition and owns four championships in regional Late Model divisions and added a prized national title in 2020. To learn more about the organization, its drivers and its sponsorship opportunities, visit www.jrmracing.com.

Justin Allgaier, JR Motorsports’ winningest driver, is entering his sixth season with the organization after a strong 2020 championship campaign that culminated in a career-best runner-up finish in the NASCAR Xfinity Series driver standings. In addition to earning his second consecutive NXS Most Popular Driver Award at the end of 2020, Allgaier capped off last season with three victories, 11 top fives, 19 top 10s, and led a staggering 1,008 laps on the year. The veteran driver has 11 wins since joining the team in 2016 and 14 career NXS victories in 339 starts.

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