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The origin of hellowater

We're passionate about health and inspiring others to make healthy decisions. While playing golf, we got this crazy idea to build a fun, healthy beverage.

Our Story

Our nutrition and marketing backgrounds came together to create hellowater - a great tasting water with added fiber presented in  appealing packaging. 

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Our mission

We believe we can help curb appetite and reduce snacking between meals, and in doing so, do our small part in helping reduce obesity

The building blocks of every diet

Every healthy diet has 3 elements in common:
reduce sugar, increase fiber and drink more water.

Introducing hellowater, a healthy diet's best friend.

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hellowater is a good source of fiber derived from chicory root that may aid in curbing appetite and promoting a healthy gut.

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0 Sugar

Sugar is not good for you. Instead, hellowater is sweetened with the natural, 0 calorie, stevia

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Water is fundamental to health, it aids in almost every function of our bodies. 

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