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hellowater® is on a mission to INSPIRE – HEALTH. On this journey, we have met some amazing people with truly courageous stories. These heroes have motivated us to create our hello hero’s community so that our customers can also be inspired by such noble and outstanding achievements.

We would like to introduce you to Olivia “LIV with Purpose”.

Her story: Liv was born with developmental disabilities. Today, she is a senior in high school, active in social groups, and a passionate member of the cheer team. She finds joy in meeting people as social interactions help her manage her challenges. Her mom always says, “Liv has amazed us with her willingness to try new things, meet new people and NEVER lets her disabilities define her”.

However, when Covid hit, things changed. In-school classes were canceled, all after school social groups were suspended, including cheer team practices. This was another challenge on her journey. Liv needed to find her new “Purpose”, and she did!

With the help of her family, Liv found purpose and pleasure in building crafts and sharing her creations online with her friends. With her mom’s help, she started her own Etsy store and Facebook page under the banner – Liv With Purpose.

True to her character, she also donates the profits from her sales to local charities and organizations that promote inclusion. Her favorite charity is The Special Olympics.

Liv has also become an influencer for hellowater, and she would like to welcome you to use her code LIV15 for 15% off all hellowater products. hellowater will donate the proceeds from the LIV15 discount code to her charity of choice. 

If you would like to nominate a hello hero who inspires those around them, we would love to share their story with our community!

Please nominate your hero at hellohero@hellowater.com

All the best, Tom & Rusty – Founders

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